"There's a mountain and it's mighty high
But you can not see the top unless U fly
There's a molehill of proven ground
There ain't no where 2 go, if U hang around
Everbody wants 2 sell what's already been sold
Everbody wants 2 tell what's already been told
What's the use of money if U ain't gonna break the mold
Even at the center of fire, there is cold
And all that glitters, ain't gold

"There're a lot of great things in this business of music that we're in, but there're also some things that aren't so great. Like the rights of an artist 2 do with his art, what he wants, when and how he wants, even when he delivers the music he agreed 2, fifteen albums ago. But one child got free and it was truly a Beautiful Experience. I'm very grateful 2 Mo Austin and Len Waronker of Warner Brothers for that opportunity. Perhaps one day, all the powers that are, will realize it is better 2 let a man be all that he can be, than 2 limit his output 2 just what they can handle. "Our sources tell us there's just too much music". Well my sources, all of U, tell me 2 be all I can be. For this I am eternally grateful. Peace and be wild."

Saturday, June 19, 1994