Time upon a once
There was a boy named Camille
Now this boy named Camille
didn't know how 2 feel.
Sometimes he was lonely
sometimes he was sad
but most times
he just took 4 granted
all the nice things
that he had.

Some people said they loved him
but Camille said
Winter, Spring,
Summer, or Fall,
love is no good
unless it's felt by all"

So, naive & terrifically in need
Camille started looking for answers
His paintbrush the questioner,
his canvas the arena,
Camille set out to silence his critics.
"No longer daring" - his enemies laughed.
"No longer glam, his funk is half-assed...
one leg is much shorter
than the other one is weak.
His strokes are tepid,
his colors are meek."

So Camille found a new color.
The color black:
strongest hue of them all.
He painted a picture
called Le Grind --
hittin' so tall.
And then Cindy C --
THE vogue fantasy.
Horns & vocals 2 die 4.
Lollipops -- in yours!

Stroke after stroke callin' all others a joke.

Camille rocked hard in a funky place. Stuck his long
funk in competition's face. Tuesday came. Blue Tuesday.
His canvas full, and lying on the table, Camille mustered
all the hate that he was able. Hate 4 the ones who ever
doubted his game. Hate 4 the ones who ever doubted his name.
"Tis nobody funkier -- let the Black Album fly." Spooky
Electric was talking, Camille started 2 cry. Tricked.
A fool he had been. In the lowest utmostest. He had allowed
the dark side of him 2 create something evil. 2 Nigs United
4 West Compton. Camille and his ego. Bob George. Why?
Spooky Electric must die. Die in the hearts of all who
want love. Die in the hearts of men who want change.
Die in the bodies of women who want babies that will grow up
with a New Power Soul. Love Life, Lovesexy -- the feeling
u get when u fall in love, not with a girl or boy but with the
heavens above. Lovesexy -- endorphin. Camille figured out
what 2 feel. Glam Slam Escape -- the Sexuality Real.
Tonight we make love with only words. Girls first. This
feeling's so good in every single way.
God is alive! Let Him touch u and He will quench
every thirst. Let him touch u and an aura of peace will adorn u.
God is alive!
Let Him touch u and your own Lovesexy will be born.
Let Him touch u, let Him touch u, and Heaven is yours.
Welcome 2 the New Power Generation.