AP: Ex-Prince confirms child born with problem
AP: Death of Prince's baby investigated
AP: Prince wants privacy about son
AP: Former Prince wants lawsuit kept private

Thursday, December 19, 1996

Ex-Prince confirms child born with problem

NEW YORK (AP) -- The artist formerly known as Prince confirmed Thursday that his first child was born in October with some kind of problem, but he would not elaborate.
  "All I can say is that I'd like to believe that we're both enlightened individuals that know that if you leave things in God's hands you'll find out everything, and you'll find out the answer to the plan. So anything that happens, we accept," he told NBC's Today, where he appeared with wife Mayte.
  The 38-year-old, who uses a symbol for a name, previously refused to comment on reports his child was born prematurely with a deformity.

Tuesday, March 4, 1997

Death of Prince's baby investigated

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Authorities are reviewing the case of a boy who died a week after he was born to the artist formerly known as Prince and his wife.
   The Hennepin County Medical Examiner, prosecutors and police confirmed the inquiry Monday, but would not provide details.
   Erlene and Arlene Mojica, described as personal assistants close to the musician's wife, have contacted authorities about the case, said their attorney, Larry Altman.
   Altman said the twin sisters were fired Dec. 23 by Paisley Park Enterprises, Prince's company, but declined further comment.
   The 38-year-old musician, who uses a symbol for a name, acknowledged in December that the child was born with a problem. The death certificate for the boy, who was born Oct. 16 and apparently died Oct. 23, lists his cause of death as complications caused by a rare skull deformity.
   Neither the birth nor the death certificate lists a father, and the death certificate does not clearly identify the child's mother.
   Dr. John Fangman, listed as the baby's doctor on the death certificate, said the cause of death was natural.

Friday, March 14, 1997

Prince wants privacy about son

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Prince is reportedly trying to prevent two former employees from talking to the media about the death of his son.
  Larry Altman, an attorney for twin sisters Erlene and Arlene Mojica, told the Star Tribune newspaper he expected the musician, who prefers to be known as an unpronounceable symbol, to seek a temporary restraining order barring the women from talking to reporters. The sisters were personal assistants to Mayte Garcia-Nelson, Prince's wife.
  Altman and Prince's attorney, Bob Weinstine, both told The Associated Press on Thursday that they could not comment.
  Prince acknowledged last December that the baby was born with a problem but has said little else.
  A birth certificate said that a boy was born to Garcia-Nelson Oct. 16, but said the "mother refused information" about the father. It lists the child's cause of death Oct. 23 to be complications of Pfieffer's syndrome Type 2, a rare skull deformity.

Friday, March 28, 1997

Former Prince wants lawsuit kept private

CHASKA, Minn. (AP) -- The artist formerly known as Prince wants to keep a lawsuit about his private life away from the public.
  The Purple Rain star asked a judge to keep proceedings closed in his lawsuit against two former employees who went public with their story about the death of his newborn son.
  The rock star has sued Erlene and Arlene Mojica for going to a London tabloid last October, claiming they violated a confidentiality agreement.
  His lawyers asked Carver County District Judge Jean Davies on Thursday to make sure nothing more comes out publicly. Davies gave lawyers for both sides until Monday to file papers on the request.
  The Mojica sisters have claimed that Prince decided prematurely to shut off life support for his baby, who was born with a deformed skull that often causes retardation or early death.
  The artist and his wife have not publicly acknowledged the baby's death, and the child's birth and death records do not clearly document his parentage.